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Seashells And Accessories
Abalone shells are the most commonly used for burning sage in. Abalone are marine gastropod mollusks, or sea snails,
prized as a culinary treat in many cultures. Their shells have an open spiral structure with a thick inner layer composed of
mother-of-pearl, making them highly iridescent and colorful in many species. Abalone shells are used for making jewelry,
as well as a variety of other ornamental and decorative purposes.

Sadly, due to over harvesting, commercial exploitation, and the acidification of our oceans from anthropogenic carbon dioxide, the various larger species are now listed as endangered. Since ecologically abalone help to maintain habitat, as they decrease in numbers, the health of coastal food webs deteriorates as well. With a slow growth rate and inefficient spawning, the oceans are facing serious risks. For this reason, I visit various coastal beaches and gather abandoned seashells that the tide brings in, and include one with all of my smudge kits.

I also provide non-toxic sand that’s dust and crystalline silica free with every bag of sage, along with an eco-friendly wooden stir stick! 

Note: Click "Sage Guidance" on the menu bar below the banner for tips on burning sage.
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