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The Plant

Native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, white sage is a perennial shrub in the mint family found mainly in the coastal sage scrub habitat of Southern and Baja California, on the western edges of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. Due to its attractiveness to bees and other pollinators, it is also known as Bee Sage.
Note: I only sell and recommend white sage for the purposes of smudging and incense, which should
always be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Burning sage must never be left unattended.
How Sage Works

When burning this aromatic herb, the smoke it releases contains negative ions that cancel out positive ones (which in this case are the undesirable ones), neutralizing the energy field you’re “smudging” in. Negative ions promote alpha brainwaves and increase brainwave amplitude, making it possible to reach higher states of awareness. 
Welcome. I'm Cayce, your host and provider here at The Sage and The Spiral. I always sell sustainably sourced,
quality white sage. The energy of this versatile and powerful plant will calm, clear, ground and serve you on all levels.
Whether you’ve stopped by to browse, shop, or seek guidance, I’m happy to assist you, starting with a little sage advice:
When stress or negativity starts to affect you, don’t take it out on others. Go smudge yourself!
The Sage Market
Smudge Kits: Sage And Accessories

Because of its many uses and positive effects, sage is in high demand, which unfortunately has led to over-harvesting. This, coupled with drought, climate changes, wildfires, and urban development, has led to the endangerment of the plant today, to the point of possible extinction in the wild.
The plant favors a hot, dry climate. In the summer it produces white flowers with a splash of lavender. The leaves themselves have a white tinge that comes from the fine hairs that grow on the leaves.
This provides some insight into the calming effect of white sage smoke, which stimulates the endocrine system and balances hormonal output in the human body. (The endocrine system regulates metabolism, sleep, growth and development, mood, and sexual function, among other things.)
Though white sage is showing signs of a comeback, time and care is needed for re-growth and repair. One of the things we can do to help preserve this diverse and precious herb is to purchase it from sources that cultivate it mindfully, and harvest it properly to avoid damaging the plant. The other is to use it more consciously, especially when buring indoors. Typically, all you really need is a couple of leaves.
Sage Value: Go Clusters!

Although clusters weigh more than loose sage due to the stems, they're actually more economical to use. Unlike smudge sticks (bundles) or bags of crushed leaves and flakes, you can simply pick a couple of whole leaves off the stems, which is sufficient for indoor burning. Anything more produces an excessive amount of smoke, which can fill up a room quickly and become overwhelming.
When burning outdoors, or for ceremonial use when you want ongoing smoke, you may prefer a smudge stick. While clusters are great for outdoor use, they do burn quicker, and need to be re-lit every so often.
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Although the shells have imperfections, they're perfect for burning clusters!
White Sage
> 1 oz white sage clusters
seashellwood stir stick
> 1 oz of non-toxic sand (dust and silica free)
smudging feather
> 1 oz white sage clusters
seashellwood stir stick
> 1 oz of non-toxic sand (dust and silica free)
smudging feather
garnet nugget
> 1 oz loose sage (sorted by hand)
seashellwood stir stick
> 1 oz of non-toxic sand (dust and silica free)
smudging feather
garnet nugget
> 1 oz white sage clusters
> 1 oz of non-toxic sand (dust and silica free)
> 1 oz loose sage (sorted by hand)
> 1 oz of non-toxic sand (dust and silica free)
Garnet Haven

Smudging, or burning herbs and
incense, is an honored age old
tradition. White sage can be used
to cleanse and purify, dispel any
negative energies, create sacred
space, relax and rejuvenate, call in
guides, and raise the vibration.
Throughout the ages, white sage
was used by medicine people
and healers who understood how
to use plants on many different
levels, and could communicate
with them through spirit. The sage
entity is known to be very wise.
Virtual Vibe-a-mins

> 1 oz loose sage (sorted by hand)
seashellwood stir stick
> 1 oz of non-toxic sand (dust and silica free)
smudging feather
Substitute Large Shell (Limited Supply): $4.44