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I gather or dig for all of my garnet in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. Garnets are rock-forming silicate minerals that start out as tiny grains, and enlarge slowly over time. As they grow, they displace, replace, and include the surrounding rock materials. Adirondack garnets are often hosted by either potassium feldspar (a commonly opaque mineral), and/or hornblende, a dark-colored mineral found in many types of metamorphic rocks. Hornblende is also known as amphibolite, a grouping of rocks composed mainly of amphibole and plagioclase feldspars, with little or no quartz.

Although most people are familiar with the red, gem-quality stone used in jewelry, garnet occurs in many colors, and has other uses. Being dense and hard - even harder than quartz, its crystal’s physical properties make garnet a superior abrasive. For this reason, it’s used in the manufacturing of industrial sandpaper, water jet cutting, "sand" blasting, and water filtration, among other things.

Metaphysical And Healing Properites


Garnet is January’s birthstone. This gem cleanses the body, mind, and spirit. Garnet has a calming influence, inspiring a state of serenity. A stone of courage, hope, and empowerment, it strengthens the survival instincts during times of crisis or traumatic situations. Garnet is also extremely useful for manifestation, grounding one's dreams into reality, and bringing in abundance. It promotes creativity and self-confidence, allowing one’s inner Light to shine through.

Effective in purifying, revitalizing, and balancing energy, garnet removes toxins and negativity. It helps with circulation, aids in all blood related issues, and is used to stimulate the metabolism, regenerate DNA, and boost the immune system. 

Perhaps the strongest virtue of the garnet is its ability to help overcome depression, and alleviate emotional disharmony. The stone has been known to dissolve ingrained behavior patterns that are no longer positive, and bypass resistance or self-induced unconscious sabotage. 

As a spiritual stone, garnet is a protective talisman for psychic fortification and security. It protects the bearer from being affected by the unwanted energy of others, and can ward off nightmares. Garnet is also used to access ancient memories, making it a preferred tool for past life regression.

Known as the Stone Of Love, garnet carries the energies of passion and desire, and can help in connecting with a true mate. It is said to balance the sex drive, aid in fertility, and inspire commitment, fidelity, and stable relationships. Garnet is also an ancient symbol of friendship. In the past, garnets were exchanged between parting friends to symbolize their affection, and ensure that they meet again.


Hornblende is a high-vibrational protective and grounding stone that works well with other minerals, and is used for balancing and attuning the root chakra (one of the bodies energy centers). It is good for the small intestine and kidneys, can help with inner ear problems, and is said to induce pleasant dreams and cure insomnia.

The green healing energy hornblende emits helps increase abundance and prosperity. It also dissipates inner conflict and promotes unity, evoking a non-judgmental attitude as well as a sense of equality and fairness. By inspiring compromise, this stone can help when your argumentative side takes over.

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Garnet Nuggets
Every smudge kit comes with a nugget or mini nuggets of rough (raw) garnet, which are gemstones in their natural form,
just as Mother Nature made 'em! You can display the garnet or carry it with you.
Caution: Always keep your garnet out of the reach of children and pets. Sharp pieces can flake or chip off.
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