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Greetings. I’m Cayce Jean Shostak. The focus of my life work is providing the resources, guidance and support people need in navigating their personal path of self-exploration, and to live more consciously.

In that light, I host soul stirring experiences live online, including special events, guided meditations, healing journeys, and a Journaling Circle, as well as fun socials featuring ice-breakers and group games. All offerings are provided courtesy of C.S.ONE – Cyber-Space Station ONE, a free, virtual, interactive online destination with activities, resources, and entertainment to raise your vibration! Participants can dial-in toll free or connect online. Please join us to co-create sacred space, rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit, get connected and enlighten up. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

In Kinship and Conscious Vibrations,
Cayce Jean Shostak
Chief Of Operations, C.S.ONE-CyberCOM
Creating sacred space in my home has always been a priority, and is essential in helping me to stay grounded, keep my space clear of undesirable energies, and maintain a high vibration. Plus, it has decorative appeal!

A great way to create and maintain sacred space is by building a shrine. You don’t need a lot of room - just a corner or small area where you can set up a table and/or shelving for placing and hanging objects that represent your own spiritual beliefs, plus any tools you use in your ceremonies or daily practice. Included might be wall art, photos, figurines, books, crystals, stones, a pendulum, oracle cards, sage or incense – anything that resonates with you physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Your shrine and everything in it become sacred through the gratitude you hold for the space, and your intention.

For me, everything in nature is sacred. Over time I have developed a deep connection with the elementals, or spirit beings, that inhabit stones, shells, driftwood, trees, clouds – even the wind and water. Often times their “essence” will appear to me in the element they inhabit as a face, animal, or other image. If I want to take something from its natural environment to place in my shrine, I always do so with integrity and respect, and ask its permission first. In this way, it holds sacred energy for me.

My own shrine is embellished with large dry branches that I attached to furniture, curtain rod brackets, or anything else I could wrap twine around. Hanging from the limbs are feathers, chimes, rattles, my pendulum, and other items I either found, purchased, or were gifted. I use unique pieces of driftwood and shells to hold and display crystals, gemstones, rocks, pinecones, smudge wands – even nests. Statues and other items are sitting on pelts (animal fur). I set up a fountain in the corner, plus all of my drums have their own special spots. All nine of my totem animals (Spirit Guides) are represented there as well, including a dragonfly that I found intact, a beaver claw, turtle shell, dolphin statue, etc.

Placing items in your shrine is an ongoing process, however, you will begin to feel the light source energy right from the start. To raise the vibration, burn some white sage or incense, then set an intention, express your gratitude, say a blessing, and/or recite a prayer – anything that comes from your heart. Whether alone or with others, you’ll find yourself inspired, uplifted, relaxed, rejuvenated and spiritually connected when meditating, journeying, doing energy work, dancing, listening to music, or just having some quiet time in your sacred space!

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